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Google & Bing Paid Search Uniquely For Veterinarians.

Our in-house certified Google and Bing paid marketing experts will work with your in-house veterinary team to establish and monitor Google Ads and Bing Ads Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns.


Paid Search Marketing

Our team will research the most relevant and cost-effective keywords and create numerous PPC advertising campaigns for your veterinary practice. And, on an ongoing basis we will manage your per-click costs to ensure your monthly advertising budget is maximized at all times.

Our Google and Bing certified PPC experts can also deploy remarketing/retargeting PPC campaigns providing a “second opportunity” from past website visitors to contact your veterinary clinic.

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Paid Search Campaigns

Our Paid Search Campaigns for Veterinary clinics include the following:

  • Researching, selecting and targeting the right keywords.
  • Creating Calls to Actions in your Title and Ads.
  • Creating Landing Pages specific to your target market (optional)
  • Maintaining low cost per click (CPC) by helping you find the right keywords to target
  • Tracking your campaigns so you know your CPC and Click-thru (CTR) rates.
  • Ongoing updates about the progress of your advertising campaigns and provide suggestions based upon your overall goals.
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