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While there are many "veterinary website design and marketing companies" claiming to work in the animal hospital industry exclusively, you should know that many of these companies also work with other small businesses such as chiropractors, dentists, obstetricians, and podiatrists. Considering these agencies to market your veterinary practice online will put your digital ROI at risk as they simply cannot understand the intricacies of veterinary digital marketing.

We Exclusively Serve the Veterinary Industry.

Not knowing your animal hospital's specific goals and targeted audiences makes it difficult for a firm to execute a marketing strategy successfully. Without this foundation, additional time would be needed on your end to manage the process and provide instruction about the industry - time that you simply don't have.

#1 We Create Search Engine Optimized Content for Veterinarians.
If they don't have any knowledge about veterinary medicine, who do you expect to write the content for the website? You may not think that optimizing your veterinary website content is a difficult task, but you should be aware that there is a discrepancy between simply posting content and taking the time to ensure your content is optimized for search engines.
#2 We Have In-House Experts With Diverse Veterinary Marketing Skills.
When you engage us at the VET Marketing Agency, we provide your veterinary practice with various components of digital marketing, and you deal with teams of employees from each area. We have an SEO department, a Social Media Department, and a Copywriting Department, and everyone on our team is up to speed with the latest in online marketing and web design best practices. In fact, much like veterinary CE programs, we send our team members to various marketing conferences and events to ensure they keep current at all times.

It's unrealistic to believe that one person in your veterinary hospital can handle everything. He or she would need to be knowledgeable about veterinary medicine and all aspects of digital marketing. Even worse, if they leave your animal clinic, you're really exposed.

#3 We Build Modern, Customized, and Responsive Websites.
A responsive website is superior to a mobile companion site in every way. Don't bother with the latter - it's an inferior duplicate of your main website that takes more time and effort to maintain. At the VET Marketing Agency, we only build responsive veterinary websites that are guaranteed to work on any device. Your veterinary website will auto-magically adjust to render properly on a 27-inch desktop computer screen and iPad or mobile phone.
#4 We Design Custom Veterinary Websites - No Templates Here.
If you want your veterinary practice to stand out from your competitors and to properly brand your animal hospital, you don't want a website that looks generic and lacks the capacity to convey the spirit of your business. A template website is a cookie-cutter and pre-made website without much functionality and customization. You should exclude any agencies that do not specialize in veterinary medicine and provide template websites.
#5 We Transfer Website Ownership to YOU - No Hostage Taking.
The internet is full of vendors that will offer to charge you a low monthly fee to host and manage your website forever. This is the "rent vs. own model." The problem with this model is that while it sounds like a really good deal for your animal clinic, should you ever want to leave the agency, you won't be able to take your website as you don't own it. Remember, you were just renting it! At the VET Marketing Agency, we don't believe this is a fair way to treat our veterinary customers. Instead, while we do charge low monthly fees like the other guys, we will transfer complete ownership of the website to your veterinary business. You're always free to go anytime and to take your website with you.

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