Facebook & Messenger Marketing

Facebook marketing provides your veterinary practice with immediate access to pet parents in your local area by targeting customers through precise geo-targeting and demographics. This ensures your practice only receives leads that have a high probability to convert into new customers.

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facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is much more than posting cute pictures of cats and dogs. Facebook offers veterinary practices tremendous direct to consumer reach and enables cost-effective business models with sophisticated targeting capabilities.

Our social media advertising team works in this space every day, and can develop Facebook marketing campaigns that will generate results for your veterinary practice. We handle everything for you and you gain new customers.

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Engage With Pet Parents 24/7

Our team has developed proprietary Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation tools that enable your veterinary clinic to engage with your customers around the clock, providing instant value and information. Allowing pet parents to engage when they want through Facebook Messenger creates a huge competitive advantage for your veterinary practice.

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